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Costa Rica Property Management

 Summerland Services is leading the way with our comprehensive, innovative, and efficient program of investor services and developer support.  Costa Rica�s emergence as a desirable environment for real estate investment, and its quickening, general evolution into a �first world� country, has strained property management resources and systems. This situation created an opportunity for the Summerland Group to use its
1) experience as property and association managers,
2) skilled personnel in all functional areas, and
3) commitment to technology and online services,
to create Costa Rica�s first truly comprehensive, internet-based property management program and offer it through Summerland Services

Costa Rica Property Management - Investor Services

Summerland Services is organized to handle:
Pre-occupancy needs for consulting before delivery, interior design, punch list coordination, and the occupancy process.
Post-occupancy needs for direct management and personnel services, costa rica vacation rental marketing and management, insurance coverage, and tax preparation. Client needs for secure access to property reports and information on a 24/7, global basis.

Client common area organizations and associations to which they may belong. Client concerns for environmental awareness in one of the most naturally blessed countries in the world. The need for ongoing innovations and additions to the Summerland Services property management program and Vacation Rentals Program.

Costa Rica Property Management - HOA Services

Summerland Group develped several services for Home Owners Associations providing quality services as the solution for Vacation Rentals Resort. Some of the services are: General Maintenance, Landscaping Service, HOA Management, Treatment Plant Operation, Cleaning Services, Pool Services, Security Services and many other services.

Costa Rica Property Management - Developer Master Planning

Summerland Services applies its skills to the anticipated operational realities of proposed development projects. Our team contributes to:

  • Site master planning projects to anticipate future staffing requirements, needs for access by service and delivery vehicles, and the effectiveness of perimeter security measures.
  • Facility design processes to insure adequate access to service areas and equipment, to identify needed backup systems and fail-safe options, and to mitigate the impact of weather extremes on maintenance and operations.
  • Creation of legal structures that will govern investor interactions through common area condominium associations, homeowner associations, and the newly-conceived alternative of service corporations.
  • Organization and protocols for project marketing facilities and site management during the construction period(s).
  • Transition management of control and legal responsibility for individual units and common areas between developer and investor.
  • Anticipation of future management operations with an eye toward simplifying procedures, avoiding designed problems, and controlling costs is a new idea in Costa Rica Properties.
  • Seamlessly integrating new management responsibilities as the project schedule requires.